Yoga for Asthma

Published on August 20, 2015 by HWC

Breathing efficiently helps us to sustain in life. Not breathing properly can be debilitating and can trouble us throughout the life. The number of asthmatics has doubled over two decades due to pollution, poor diet, and stress. This makes our immune system, nervous system and respiratory system hypersensitive. Eliminating all the sources of stress from your life is highly impossible, but you can follow a healthy life style plan that will help lead better lives.

Yoga is the best option for asthmatic patients. In asthmatic patients, peace of mind and the ability to relax are given utmost importance.


Yogamudrasana can help you get relief from symptoms. It will squeeze tissues and directs blood flow to various parts. Yoga postures flush toxics out of the bodies, joints, tissues and cavities. It supports distribution and balancing of oxygen in the body. It circulates stagnant blood and encourages deep respiration from the body. Attention should be given to the breathing during practicing yoga.

Ardh Matsyendrasana

Posture that stretch and twist the spine stimulates the glands in the body that boosts our immune system. It helps in flow of blood to the brain and helps to eliminate emotional and mental disturbances.

These postures help us to get good breathing and relieves from the symptoms of asthma.

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