Ayurvedic cure for sciatica

Published on July 27, 2016 by shiva

Sciatica is a type of medical condition affecting the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve extending from the lower back, thigh and calf muscle.
Patients suffering with sciatica have pain right from the hips, back of the thighs knees to the calf muscles. In ayurveda sciatica can be correlated with gudrasi. The patient walks like a geedadh and hence, sciatica is also called as gudrasi. Out of the different treatment for sciatica the external remedies for sciatica include oliation or snehanam. Oliation can be done with mahanarayan telam or pindatelam depending on one’s prakruti.
After oliation steam can be done with decoction of herbs or a steam can be given where the patient lies inside the box. A bolus can be used which is made of kerala rice. The Kerala rice is dipped in the decoction of herbs and patients get the fermentation. Bolus made with different leaves can be used for sciatica and is called elakili. The leaves used are nirkunti, airundum, drumstick leaves and all these leaves can be crushed in a grinder. Different herbs like turmeric, ajwain, garlic can be added to the paste and mix well and made it in the form of a bolus. The bolus is tied and dipped in the oil, warm it gently and give fermentation throughout the path of sciatic nerve.
Another method is valunka potali can be done. In Valuka potali sand is heated and tied in a bolus and then fermented. Dhara is extremely useful for sciatica. In dhara decoctions of different herbs are made and poured wherever there is a pain from a height till the whole part is covered.
The next method is agnikarma can be done with gold rod at a specific point wherever the patient has pain. Along with these methods you should definitely see that the patient should take good rest and exercise regularly.


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