Normal Delivery Vs Caesarean

Published on August 30, 2016 by shiva

Pregnant women generally ask this question whether they are going to have a normal delivery or a caesarean. Obstetrics and child birth is a very unpredictable scenario. Normal or caesarean completely depend on the baby whether the baby is comfortable or not. At the time of labor baby’s head has to fit inside the bony pelvis. There should be a match between head of the baby and pelvis. Baby should have ample space to move inside.

Other factors like cord round the neck can also play a major role in not letting the baby come down. So these processes are decided at the time of labor like:
• How the baby fits into the pelvis
• How the baby moves down
• Whether baby is able to take stress of the labor without dropping the heart beat
• Baby should not pass motion
• Mother should be able to dilate correctly at a particular rate.
All these factors lead to a normal delivery.

Sometimes when mother is fully dilated and we can see the baby’s head but it doesn’t come down. At that point also people can have caesarean section. Many things have to work in mother’s favour to have a normal delivery. Caesarean and normal delivery does not have too much of difference now a days. You need to take care of your diet and overall health and enjoy the pregnancy. The normal or caesarean delivery can be decided at the time of labor based on the conditions.

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