How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally Tips

Published on June 1, 2015 by HWC Team

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Having sex for the first time but do not want to get pregnant? Well, here we talk about the ways that avoid getting pregnant.

There are many ways that stops getting pregnant such as contraceptive pills, cordial and condoms, vaginal condoms and sponges. But, which method to choose is the most common question.

Which is the safest method?

For women to get pregnant, her body releases egg cells from ovaries. It moves into the womb or it waits for sperm cell to fertilize. And, if the egg cell is fertilized a concentration of the sex hormone estrogen increases in the blood, which informs the body about pregnancy.

What happens if a woman is on the pill?

If a women takes a pill, the estrogen levels will be increased, which makes her body to consider that she is pregnant thereby stops producing new egg cells. So, there are no egg cells, no pregnancy.

Most often these pills work by preventing the ovaries to produce eggs or preventing the fertilized eggs to get into the uterus. In this way, pregnancy does not happen.

But, there are also contraceptives that work without hormones. They help to prevent pregnancy by avoiding the sperm reaching egg cells. Copper coils, Condoms, and the diaphragm works in this manner.

How to find out the safest method?

You can know the safest method through PEARL INDEX, which tells the annual number of pregnancies per 100 women.

If the index value is less, then the method is said to be safest.

  • Pill is on the top of the list, with not more than 1 pregnancy per year.
  • The risk of getting pregnant is high in the case of condom.

Contraceptive is the best option to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and immunity deficiency diseases.

Following these tips will help you avoid getting pregnant.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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