Which Incision is Best for Breast Augmentation?

Published on January 5, 2016 by HTC Team

The preference of incisions during breast augmentation surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon. Some prefer armpit incision while others prefer areolar incision and there are others who prefer underneath incision. Over the years it has been realized that far too much emphasis is placed on the scar.

Actually the procedure involving the underneath incision is different from the one involving either the areolar or the armpit incision. They are three different procedures involving very different anatomy. Over the years, based on the information and data collected, it has been ascertained that the underneath incision gives a long lasting result, requiring lower rate of revisions.

Capsular contractures are the scar tissues that form around the breast implants and they are mainly formed as a result of inflammation. Many factors can cause this inflammation but the most common cause is the biofilm. Biofilm is the bacteria that chronically lives in the implant and cause inflammation of the capsule and moreover antibiotics cannot penetrate to kill these bacteria. During the incision, a shield is applied to the nipple so that no bacteria can come out of the nipple during surgery and cause a problem.

Thus it can be concluded that for breast augmentation surgery, underneath incision is preferred as it has various benefits and gives long term results.

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