What should you know about Black Dog?

Published on June 4, 2015 by HWC

What should you know about Black Dog?

Depression is also known as the “Black dog”. It is similar to a real dog and should be embraced, analyzed, and healed.

This is a guide for those who are living with a black dog. Depression is an illness but not a sign of weakness.

What not to say or do?

Don’t be an armchair general who gives speculative suggestions and orders. Being thoughtful and kind is always better. But, don’t try to make fun of them. It will lead them to feel worse.

Good things to say and do

  • Be sensitive about the way you approach them. Avoid talking about their mental health instead try to care them.
  • Try not talking. Instead listen to what they are saying and open your heart
  • Being for someone without opinion or judgment is really a big gift that you can give them.
  • Motivate them to consult a professional. Fix an appointment with a good doctor and go along with them.
  • Suggest them to do any regular exercise because fitness breaks depression with its power.
  • Develop a strategy to help them manage their life both at home and workplace
  • Stress is one of the biggest reasons for depression
  • Less stress implies less depression
  • Encourage them to collect their favorite photographs, letters or anything that reminds them about good things in their life
  • Learn about their mental condition together
  • Knowledge is power and validation is a great healer.

To help reduce depression, compassion, empathy and understanding plays a vital role. But, learn that you alone don’t have the power to save your loved one.

Professional help is often what’s required. Finding the right doctor can make a big difference for a quick recovery.

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