Ways to Avoid the Risk of Chlamydial Infection Transmission

Published on June 8, 2016 by HTC Team

If someone is having active Chlamydial infection which has been treated with the help of antibiotic medicines, it is advised to not indulge in sexual activities for a week.  It is required to maintain absence from sexual activities till the course of the medicines is finished and the STD infection is cured. Below are some possible risks of Chlamydial infection:

  • Dermatologists recommend avoiding sexual activity for a week or two in order to minimize the risk of infections.
  • If one partner is on an antibiotic medicine treatment in order to treat this infection, it does not mean that the medicines are giving a complete protection over the transmission of this STD.
  • It is important to use physical barrier protections like condoms so that the chance of these infections getting transmitted is minimum. The chances of Chlamydial infection getting spread do not completely disappear but are at the minimum level.
  • The course of anti-biotic medicines should be followed regularly and sexual activity should be advisably conducted after the course of the medicine is over, so that the infection does not get further transmitted to the partner because of physical activity.
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