Want Natural Hair Colour? Learn Out How to Apply Henna at Home

Published on June 6, 2016 by HTC Team

Our hair grows grey as we all are ageing. There is a greying of hair which becomes like a complicated thing to handle for most people. Generally people are afraid to use the chemical hair colours because they think that they it’s going to harm their hair. Especially when you see young people, they want to start off with a natural option and the most commonly used organic option is henna. The problem about henna and the reason why people talk a lot of negative things about henna is
• Henna can dry out the hair shaft itself and cause a little bit of fragility or dryness and leads to hair breakage.
• Once you use henna the chemical hair colour cannot handle on so easily on your hair shaft, which is why in the salons, they discourage you from using henna.
Henna is a very secure treatment because people are usually not allergic to the organic henna which is usually being used.
• Therefore, if you are going to get henna done, make sure first of all that you are using only the organic henna and make sure you are not using any chemicals mixed with it.
• Remember that after the henna, your hair is going to become very dry. So make sure that you are conditioning your hair very well using a ph balance shampoo to use for a regular use.
• Go for an oil massage for the hair, not for the scalp, but for the hair to keep it in good condition after using henna. Don’t oil the scalp or hair before using henna because that oil will put off the henna from latching and give you a improved hair colour. So make sure you follow these tips and you can use henna for a time till the greys increase. Then you might have to go for a chemical hair colour.

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