How to Treat Common Cold Using a Simple Trick

Published on January 22, 2016 by HTC Team

In winter a lot of people become sick due to common cold and flu. There are several reasons for this, like, during this time of the month, the day time is the shortest in the northern hemisphere and less exposure to sun means there is vitamin D deficiency, which causes such flu.

Another important reason for such problems is growing stress. Not sleeping well is another cause, which makes your immune system weak. Immune system can also be negatively affected from eating too much sugar. Thus, when you fall ill, limit the sugar consumption!

But if you are already ill, there is a simple trick that you can try. Buy some hydrogen peroxide that is available at the local drug store, put a few drops of it in the cap of the bottle, and then tilt your head at one side and pour few drops from the cap into your ears. You may feel some bubbles in your ear, but that is fine.

Keep your head tilted for a while in this position so that drops does not come out. Repeat this for the other ear. Keep your head that way for a few minutes. This simple trick will help you get rid of the common cold or flu that you have. This is a safe, non toxic and an inexpensive procedure, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to do this.

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