Talcum Powder: How Safe are they for Babies

Published on May 3, 2016 by HTC Team

There are 3 major adverse effects of talcum powder and doctors strongly recommend limiting the use of such powders on babies.

Effects on the Skin

Increased use of talcum powder may reduce the moisture content of the baby’s skin. As a baby’s skin is highly sensitive, this may lead to increased dermatitis and subsequent increase in skin irritation.

Effects on the Respiratory System

  • Most babies have hyperactive airway disease or other respiratory allergies which may be aggravated due to increased irritation caused by the small particles present in talcum powder. This may lead to an increased frequency of wheezing episodes in the child.
  • Lung cancer like Mesothelioma can be caused due to prolonged exposure of the respiratory tract to asbestos (which is a constituent in most talcum powders).

Mesothelioma is the cancer of mesothelial cells (originally derived from the mesothelium of the embryo) which are present in the lining of lungs, thoracic cavity, and abdomen and heart sac.

Effects on the Reproductive System

As per scientific studies, prolonged use of talcum powder in genital areas in girl babies may cause ovarian cancer. Hence, talcum powder should not be used in the genital areas.

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