Are the Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Stroke Similar?

Published on June 8, 2016 by HTC Team

Those with coronary heart disease, angina, or who had a heart attack due to atherosclerosis, have more than twofold to the risk of stroke than those who haven’t. If you have atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries you are very prone to have atherosclerosis in other parts of your body. Cardiovascular diseases are continuous heart as well as a brain are affect by diseases of the blood vessel supplying them. When the diseases are of blood vessels supplying the heart it is known as coronary artery disease, when the disease affects blood vessels supplying the brain it is known as cerebro vascular disease. But both diseases are manifestations of the same process of where the formations of both are the same process which is known as atherosclerosis. So the causes and risk factors associated with cardiovascular and cerebro vascular diseases are same. The patients who are at risk of cornea artery disease are also at risk of cerebro vascular disease. People who have high blood pressure, having diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, overweight or obesity, stress and having the family history of vascular disease, people who smoke, who consume alcohol, are very likely to develop corneal artery disease or cerebro vascular disease The risk factors for both of diseases are  same and  preventive measures or treatment options are also similar.

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