A Complete Guide on How to Recover Fast from Knee Replacement Surgery

Published on June 5, 2015 by HWC

The video talks about tips that help you recover quickly from knee surgery.

Few people recover quickly than others because they do exercises for three, four and six months after surgery. Learn to do exercises three to four times a day to recover quickly.

Getting Around Safety

Its important to follow all the precautions that were given to you in the hospital about your knee. But, for the next six months you need to follow total knee precautions.

  • Use the walker
  • You need to use the walker all the times whenever you move. Do not rush
  • Take the support of the chair rather than pulling yourself
  • Make sure you have plenty of space to walk with the walker
  • Keep your head high and your toes should move straight ahead
  • Choose shoes that give your good support
  • While climbing stairs, it is important to move up with a good leg and down with a surgical leg. But, while climbing down, your surgical leg should lead non-surgical leg.

 Home safety tips

  • Remove carpets and any slippery things that cover the floor
  • Put decor items off the floor
  • Make sure your walker is beside your bed while sleeping
  • Arrange items that you often use in kitchen, so that you can easily reach them
  • When waking up, take some time and stretch your arms and legs
  • Sit on the bed and get your balance
  • While sitting choose a strong chair with arm rest
  • Be careful in the bathroom and avoid using skid mats both inside and outside of your tub

General tips

  • Medications should be taken as per your doctor’s suggestion
  • Constipation problems can be prevented by eating fresh fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids
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