Is it Possible to Lose belly Fat without Exercising?

Published on March 7, 2016 by HTC Team

A lot of people wonder whether one can lose belly fat without doing any exercises. Well, it is sure possible to lose excess belly fat without exercising but it may not be possible to strengthen and tighten the abdomen muscles without physical exercises. The following are some of the ways to lose belly fat without exercises.

Ayurvedic Techniques

It is important to do a lot of panchkarma because panchkarma urvartana helps in fat loss for specific body parts.  In this technique an herbal powder is used and is massaged rigorously on the body to make the body suppler and to help in faster fat elimination.

Diet and Nutrition

Another amazing way to get rid of belly fat without exercising is to follow a proper diet. You must follow a diet which is low on fat and has little oil in it. Have vegetable juice for breakfast, for lunch you can have black lobia or black gram chat and for dinner you can have a vegetable soup with grilled fish or grilled paneer. You can also take medohar guggal which is an essence or medicine which removes fat from the areas it gets deposited in.

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