A Few Points About the Legionnaires’ Disease

Published on December 28, 2015 by HTC Team

Legionnaires’ disease is a bacterial infection, which can lead to severe pneumonia in people. Generally, it affects the elderly people and people who have lung diseases or other medical complications. These medical conditions make the Legionnaires’ disease worse. Sometimes, it can even get fatal; thus immediate medical supervision is important. It is imperative to know the causes of the disease and what cautions should be taken in order to stay away from it.

The Legionnaires’ disease is generally caused when a person comes in close proximity of contaminated water. It is caused by bacteria named Legionella, generally found in fresh water. Direct exposure to that water source, which is contaminated, is the reason for the outbreak of the disease. However, Dr. Pritish Tosh is of the opinion that unless such a direct exposure to the contaminated source occurs, there is not much of a risk of being attacked by this infection.

Hence, the outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease should not lead to panic among people. Though the disease can be a serious one, but if it can be checked in time the patient will recover. Doctors say that water in lower concentration in this medical condition is not really a cause of concern.

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