Chances of Normal Delivery Vs Caesarian Delivery

Published on December 25, 2015 by HTC Team

Women who are pregnant have one common question that they ask their doctors, whether they are going to get a normal or a caesarian delivery. But child birth is an unpredictable process; therefore, it is difficult, almost impossible for the doctors to know in advance as to whether the patient will have a normal delivery or a caesarian one. Basically a lot depends upon the baby’s position, as during the labour the baby’s head has to fit inside the pelvis in order to have a normal delivery. The baby should get enough space to move through pelvic area.

There are other considerations too that should be kept in mind, like the cord around the baby’s neck. If the cord is twisted around the neck, chances are that, the process of labour will be too stressful for the baby, and there could be a decreasing heart rate.

In such a situation, the caesarian should be performed on the mother to save the baby. So there are a lot of factors that come into play during the labour, and ultimately decide if the normal delivery process will be resorted to, or caesarian should be performed. It is thus not in the hands of the doctor as to the kind of birth one may have.

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