Normal Delivery for Breech Babies

Published on April 19, 2016 by HTC Team

Normally, babies inside the mother during the pregnancy are in cephalic position when the baby’s head is down towards the pelvis of the mother. But some of the babies can be in breech position that is the condition when the baby’s buttocks and legs are down in the pelvis region of the mother.

The first delivery in the breech position nowadays is usually done by caesarean section; however, a normal delivery procedure is possible for mothers who fall under low-risk category. If the mother is at low risk, external cephalic version can be tried at 37 weeks of pregnancy. In external cephalic version, the baby is turned from the breech position to a normal cephalic position and then a trial of normal labour is given to the mother routinely.

In Multigravida (women having delivered once and conceived again), during the next pregnancies the trial of labour is given routinely if the mother is in low-risk category. Primigravida means a woman who is pregnant for the first time and during this time period, in case of breech sections, normal delivery is not tried and only caesarean sections are done. Normal delivery for breech babies is possible only if the woman has been pregnant for at least one time before and if she is under low-risk category.

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