Tips to Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Published on August 27, 2015 by HWC

Morning sickness is the commonly faced problem by pregnant women. They might be sensitive to specific odors or might suffer from nausea and vomiting. They might like some foods or dislike other foods.

Generally, the morning sickness subsides within few weeks. But if the condition persists or the numbers of vomiting are very high along with weight loss, then they should consult a doctor.

What Foods you should have?

  • Most times blend and mild foods that do not have strong odors and are not prepared with oils are preferred. It is better to have strong and dry meals.
  • It is better to have liquids separately instead of having them along with foods. Liquids should be taken in cold temperatures and should not be taken swiftly. Avoid aerated drinks and try to eat easy to digest and small meals.
  • For instance, instead of having a cup of Sambar rice try having cereals with cold milk. And, sandwich is better than heavy upma.
  • Anything taken at cold temperatures can help prevent nausea. For example, cold curd is better than the curd rice.
  • They can get more calories from juices, including tetra pack juices.
  • You can also eat dry fruits such as dates, anjeer, and handful of nuts. Biscuits, dry toast, sandwiches are also good option.

By following these, you can have healthy diet during pregnancy and can avoid certain complications that arise during pregnancy.

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