How is Laser Important in Dentistry

Published on April 1, 2016 by HTC Team

Basically, the laser is a form of light which delivers energy. The laser is used differently in different types of surgeries and treatment procedures. During a surgery, it is used as a cutting instrument and in the field of dentistry; it is used to improve the bonding strength between the tooth and the filling. Here are some advantages of laser in the dental field:

  • Using laser causes very little pain, so while operating with laser, requirement of anaesthesia is minimal.
  • During teeth whitening procedure, laser enhances the power of bleaching agent. This, in turn, makes teeth whiter.
  • Using laser means no drilling. This helps as without drilling there is less anxiety.
  • Without the use of the laser, normally there are higher chances of bleeding after the surgery. Whereas, if the laser is used, chances of bleeding and any kind of post-operative complication are very less.
  • During surgeries, conventional cutting instrument isn’t able to save much of healthy tissue structure. But, if the laser is used as a cutting tool, more healthy tissue structures can be preserved.

These are some of the advantages of laser in dentistry. The laser is very useful in surgical procedures as well and widely recognised globally.

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