Know how to Manage Tongue Lesions

Published on June 6, 2016 by HTC Team

For anyone who had deal with lesions on tongue, know that they would be quite painful. Tongue lesions appears like a white in colour and in more severe cases will turn reddish and may even become bloody. These types of lesions occur due to injury or trauma to the tongue.

Types of lesions

Candidiasis – It is mainly seen in HIV patients and immune compromised patients.

Leukoplakia – It is a white lesion on the tongue which is most commonly seen in patients having smoking habit.

Lichen planus – It is mainly seen in chronic smokers. There are varieties like reticular lichen planus and erosive lichen planus. These also appear as white lesions on the tongue and buccal mucosa.

Careful oral examinations of these lesions have to be made by dentist or an oral medicine specialist. If the lesions like leukoplakia or candidiac lesions you will be prescribed with some antibiotics, some anti fungal mouth rinses and effectively this reason can be stopped. Lesions though you treatment like reticular lichen planus or geographic tongue, these lesions usually don’t go with any kind of treatment. These are not harmful to the patient, and this is a normal variation.

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