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Published on July 1, 2016 by HTC Team

GM diet is a designed for a target weight loss of five to ten kilos per week. GM diet is a very strenuous diet to follow and shows instant results. Here are the details of GM diet

Day 1

Only fruits -The first day of the diet allows you to eat as many fruits as you like. There are no restrictions on when you can eat. Watermelons and cantaloupes are the recommended fruits as they are high in fibber. You must also consume 8 to 12 glasses of water during the day.

Day 2

Only vegetables – You have to follow a vegetable-only meal plan on the second day. You can cook the vegetables to make them palatable, or consume them raw. You can have the vegetables whenever you feel hungry. Flavourings like olive oil or butter can be used sparingly, only if absolutely required.

Day 3

Mix fruits and vegetables – Have your choice of fruits and vegetables combined. The combination of fruits and vegetables on the third day allows your body to replenish itself. Fruits and vegetables provide fibber and nutrients, giving your body what it needs.

Day 4

Banana, Milk and soup – It is advised to eat eight bananas over the course of the day. Distribute them among your meal and snack times. Also, consume a big glass of milk, thrice, once each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If this gets monotonous, you can also include a bowl of soup.

Day 5

Custom meal and tomatoes – Vegetarians can have a serving of brown rice for lunch. It is recommended that a minimum amount of oil be used while cooking. To combat the high amount of uric acid your body will be producing, you must increase your daily water intake to 15 glasses.

Day 6

Custom meal and vegetables – Vegetables have to be boiled, not fried, and salads should not have heavy dressings. By day six you should notice visible weight loss.

Day 7

Brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables – You can consume brown rice and vegetables as you like.

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