Health Benefits of Litchi

Published on August 4, 2016 by shiva

Litchi fruit is famous for its taste and fragrant flavours. It is originated from China and is a tropical fruit. It is found and eaten by many people all around the world. Litchi is a rich source of nutrients required to main a healthy life.
Benefits of Litchi

• It improves digestion and relieves stomach ailments

• Litchi has lot of water content that has a soothing effect on stomach.

• It contains considerable amount of fiber that helps indigestion.

• Litchi also strengthens immunity by increasing immunity to fight against common diseases like cough, cold and flu like symptoms.

• Vitamin C content present in litchi also helps in improving immunity and helps in protecting from day to day infections.

• Litchi should be included in the diet of young children who are more prone to infections.

• It also helps in weight loss as it does not contain more calories as 100 gms of litchi contain only 66 calories.

• It has negligible fat content present in it that does not have any bad effect on your body.

• The nutrients present in litchi including magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, manganese and folate are required for blood circulation and formation.

• Litchi promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and reduces hair fall.

• Litchi contains high quantity of anti-oxidants that helps in proper functioning of heart.

• The antioxidants aid the heart beat by keeping and regulating muscle function of the body.


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