Why Flushing Gall Bladder and Liver is Better than a Surgery

Published on January 18, 2016 by HTC Team

A lot of people go through gall bladder removal surgery but gall bladder is an organ that you need for better digestion, especially that of the fatty foods. It also breaks down the fat in foods, and therefore does not let accumulation of fat. Thus when gall bladder is removed, the digestive system does not function the same way as it should, and people suffer from problems relating to digestion. Thus, Dr. Josh Axe opines, that it is always better to naturally flush the gall bladder and liver of toxins that are deposited, rather than opting for a surgery. He recommends this flushing at least once in a life time.

It is known that gall bladder and liver can accumulate stones. You might even lose a lot of weight with the flushing. All you have to do is to have apple, raw vegetables and apple juice for a few days. On the day of flushing, have apple juice for lunch and before going to bed take half a cup of organic extra virgin olive oil and one cup of fresh pressed lemon juice. Next morning this will flush out the liver and gall bladder. This method is also the natural way to remove your gall stone.

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