Is Fasting Good for Health?

Published on January 20, 2016 by HTC Team

Many people these days emphasize on the health benefits of fasting. Dr. Josh Axe, on this point state that fasting, if done properly can bring a lot of health benefits, but, if it is done in the wrong way, then it is actually detrimental for your health because, there are dangerous side effects to it.

Fasting has a few health benefits. If intermittent fasting is practiced it leads to increased hormone secretion, rests the digestive system and also helps in detoxing. There are different types of fasting, like the ones where you just take a light dinner, or you can have several days of fast, consuming only vegetable juice.

These types of fasting can be done for a few days, and that will make sure your body gets all the health benefits. But there are other types of fasting, where you do not have calories for many days and this type of fasting is bad for health. People nowadays practice intermittent fasting, but that too should not be followed for a longer period. In this type of fasting, you let a time out when you do not eat anything at all. This type of fasting can be carried out for 30 to 90 days and you will have several health benefits.

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