Faster Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Published on June 30, 2016 by HTC Team

Belly fat comes under two conditions they are after pregnancy in women and middle age fat in men. Belly fat is primarily due to two reasons. As we get older the muscle strength of our abdomen or belly becomes lesser and lesser and therefore instead of holding the stomach in it start producing out and the another common reason is changes of stress and changes in hormonal profile the insulin becomes predominant and insulin rises allot in response to any carbohydrate meal we take. There are two ways to lose fat is exercise and diet.

  • Exercises – The exercises to lose belly fat are Abs b crunches and core muscle exercises. So core muscle exercises are typical exercises which hold your body for a longer duration in a particular stretched toned condition that helps to lose belly fat. Along with these ebb crunches, typical exercises and nauka asana which is also called boat exercises. This is performed by raising your hands and you legs and head and become like a boat while lying down the floor. This asana helps to put an enormous amount of pressure on stomach and also helps to lose belly fat.
  • Diet – Having sprouted seeds reduce helps to reduce fat because it is a very good source of insulin control, so one tea spoon of sprouted methi seeds works best in reducing your belly fat faster. Take a cup of ginger water with cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder mixing with ginger root gives a decoction like solution. This solution should be taken in a daily basis which helps you to lose belly fat. The third most important thing is to cutting down consuming too much of coffee, because coffee with high fat milk add fat to your belly. Make a habit of having grains like Kala Chana, it not only removes belly fat also helps to lose overall weight.
  • Ayurveda – Another way to lose weight is Ayurveda. Women who have pregnancy they should do “Panchakarma” , “Urvatanam” , these are the few therapies these are the Ayurvedic powders which are applied on the body and body is massaged with those powders and then after steam bath is carried out for ten to fifteen minutes this kind of therapies are done along with proper diet and exercises.
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