Expert Tips on Ways to Prevent Hair Loss!

Published on February 5, 2016 by HTC Team

Hair loss is a big worry not just among women but also among men.  Hair follicles have a life of their own and this life can get disturbed due to many reasons like hormonal imbalances, pollution, anxiety, worries and others.  Excessive hair fall can lead to balding but to prevent this, you can follow the 7 expert tips on ways to prevent hair loss:

  • Proper Diet-nuts, berries, dates, figs, colourful fruits and vegetables, yoghurt and a combination of carbohydrates and fats must be taken on a regular basis to avoid hair loss.
  • Good lifestyle-it is important to sleep right and follow a fixed sleep schedule along with leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Regular exercising-exercising on a daily basis and engaging yourself in walking, jogging etc can also help prevent hair loss.
  • Avoid washing hair with hot water-avoid rubbing and scrubbing oil and then washing it off with hot water as this only increases hair fall rather than preventing it.
  • Avoid heavy treatment at salons-it is important to avoid heavy spa treatments and massages etc at salons especially if you are shedding a lot of hair.
  • Use sulphate free shampoos-sulphate free shampoos are detergent free and hence gentler on your scalp and hair.
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