Does smoking or eating chocolate cause Acne?

Published on January 31, 2017 by shiva

Acne is generally caused by Acne vulgaris. Acne usually occurs when the pores present on your skin becomes clicked due to accumulation of oil and dead skin. There are many other factors that can increase the risk of acne on your skin.
Acne is also caused due to the change in lifestyle. Excessive smoking and eating chocolate can also increase the risk of development of acne. Eating fried food items and ice creams is also harmful for your skin and may gradually results in development of acne.
Smoking and eating junk food are the stressful oxidative processes for your skin which can stimulate the formation of acne in most of the cases. You need to have a healthy smoke free lifestyle to prevent acne. Try to include more of fruits and vegetables in your diet to have a pimple free skin.
You need to monitor the food products you eat on a daily basis should not increase the glucose levels in your body. Increased blood glucose levels can also increase the risk of acne. Food products that are known to increase the blood glucose levels include: ice creams, aerated drinks, chocolates and coolers. Alcohol also contains high content of sugar resulting increasing the blood glucose level in your body.
Increased blood glucose levels generally leads to increases insulin secretion in your body which may contribute to oily skin appearance. The more the oil is secreted the high the risk of acne. Low sugar diet is generally recommended for acne free skin. Excess use of dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter can also lead to acne.
Regular physical activity with a healthy balanced diet can decrease the risk of acne. Soy milk and tofu can be included in your daily diet in place of dairy products to avoid acne. Make sure you have a low sugar diet and regularly exercising can not only help in decreasing acne but also prevent many different diseased conditions.


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