Does Cleanse Diet Work?

Published on January 27, 2016 by HTC Team

Do cleanse diets or cleansers really work? Are they beneficial for weight loss? Some doctors are of the opinion that they do not. Basically cleansers cleanse the intestines and dehydrate a person. This means that though there is some loss of weight, but it is more or less the dehydration.

Some doctors like Dr. Sasson Moulavi, are of the opinion that the advertisements that show several pounds of weight loss are mostly fraudulent. He is of the opinion that cleansers are not to be used for weight loss, since they do not affect any loss of fat.

So then should people use cleansers? Dr. Moulavi states that only if someone is badly constipated and have some problems in their bowel, they can use some cleanser, but under the prescription and observation of a doctor.

He opines that the many cleansers generally used by people are dangerous in nature and therefore should at best be avoided. Using of a cleanser can lead to complete misbalance of the electrolytes in one’s body. Also there are some mild cleansers, that can be used, but strong cleansers must be avoided at any cost. There are better ways of losing fat than using cleansers.

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