Different Types of Dental Crowns

Published on June 6, 2016 by HTC Team

A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap placed over a tooth to cover it and it restores the normal shape, size, strength of the tooth and improves its appearance.

A dental crown is used to restore the tooth for different purposes. They are

  • Functional purposes
  • Aesthetic purposes
  • Cosmetic purposes

There are three types of commonly used dental crowns. They are

  • Metal dental crown
  • Ceramic dental crown
  • Metal free dental crown

Full metal crowns are used for functional purposes. Sometimes the color of the teeth change; this condition is called “fluoride teeth” and this condition can be reversed by using Venus, Laminates metal crowns, metal free crowns and other cleaning agents. It can withstand biting and chewing. They are the best choice for out-of-sight molars.

Metal free dental crowns and porcelain teeth are used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. Metal free dental crowns are less expensive.

Ceramic dental crowns have a better natural color match. They are suitable for people having metal allergies. It is a good choice for front teeth.

Crowns are ideal solutions for teeth restoration that are severely damaged due to tooth decay, breaks or cracks. With regular and proper care, a dental crown can help you to eat comfortably and smile brightly for upcoming years.

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