Dental Hygiene Tips for Smokers

Published on August 4, 2016 by shiva

Smoking is not good for health. Now a day many people including teenagers have started smoking frequently that can lead to severe health hazards like lung cancer. Smoking can be fatal in many cases. People who are addicted to smoking habits find it difficult and challenging to quit smoking easily in one attempt.

If you are habituated to frequent smoking, you need to control it by reducing the number of cigars you smoke daily. Reducing the count will eventually help you in giving up smoking. People generally start smoking to tackle with stress in their life. There are many people who start smoking because of their friend’s circle and surroundings.

There are different diseases which are caused or made worse by smoking. Different diseases are:

Lung cancer – Lung cancer is the common disease caused due to smoking. If a lung cancer patient continues to smoke, the situation can be worst as there is more number of deaths caused due to lung cancer.

COPD – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a disease caused by smoking. COPD leads to complete lung damage and can result in death of the individual.

Heart disease –Heart disease is indirectly related to smoking. If the patient suffering with heart disease is a smoker, the chances of death increases as tobacco can damage the lining of the blood vessels and affects the level of fat in bloodstream.

Rheumatoid arthritis – Studies says that smoking is responsible for 1 in 5 cases of rheumatoid arthritis.

Fertility – Smokers experience infertility issues when compared to non smokers.

Dental hygiene

It’s better to quit smoking for better oral health. Frequent dental checkups are required to diagnose any signs of developing cancer or any gum disease. Smokers should maintain good oral hygiene by regular brushing, flossing, using a mouth wash and also using a tongue cleaner twice daily. Smokers should be able to perform oral health elf examination to check for any ulcers or sores around the tongue, lips or cheek that will last for more than two weeks.

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