Cold and Flu

Published on December 30, 2016 by shiva

Common cold and flu are two different diseased conditions. The main difference between common cold and flu is that they are caused by different viruses. While suffering with common cold the symptoms tend to appear gradually.
The symptoms of common cold are not severe and it generally affects your upper respiratory tract especially the nose and throat. While suffering with common cold, you can still perform your day to day tasks without much difficulty.
Flu is a more severe illness for the majority of the people. The symptoms are comparatively more severe than common cold. You will not be able to perform your daily activities and end up lying in your bed throughout the infection. You will experience more difficulty in performing the routine tasks.
Cold and Flu Virus Transmission
The virus that causes cold and flu usually spreads through liquid droplets. These liquid droplets are released into the atmosphere when an infected person talks, laughs, coughs and sneezes without covering their mouth and nose.
You can also get infected with the virus when you touch a contaminated surface carrying the virus. The virus enters your body when you touch your nose and mouth after getting in contact with the contaminated surface.
When you experience symptoms like fever, cold and dry cough, it is recommended to rest as much as possible. You should have enough nutritious food and non alcoholic liquids to recover from the infection.
Cold and Flu treatment
Certain flu medications can also be taken to minimize the symptoms. Steam inhalation is a common treatment that can be used to relieve congestion in nose. While suffering with flu, antibiotics will not be of any benefit as it is caused by a virus. Your doctor may recommend certain antiviral drugs depending on the severity and to prevent the spread of infection.

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