Is Coconut Oil Good for Health?

Published on January 21, 2016 by HTC Team

A lot of people are concerned if coconut oil is healthy or not ? This is so, because, 90% of the fat content in coconut oil is saturated fat, and it has been again and again said that saturated fat is bad for health. However, Dr. Mercola debunks this myth and says trans-fat is the main culprit for heart diseases and these are found in hydrogenated vegetable oil and because saturated fat is also found in them, the latter has been unfairly made a villain.

Thus, Dr. Mercolo argues that coconut oil which contains a high amount of saturated fat is actually good since of 50% of its fat content is Lauric acid, which is anti viral and anti bacterial. However there are certain things you must know about coconut oil, for example its melting point is relatively high.

Therefore, if you want to store it you should not put in the refrigerator. It has many other benefits, such as it helps metabolism and thus is beneficial for weight control. Some people also apply the coconut oil on their skin. However it is still better to use it in limited quantity to avoid too much fat and other issue.

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