What Causes A Child Suddenly Cry Loud During Sleep?

Published on August 4, 2016 by shiva

It is a very common symptom that babies cry in the middle of the night. Parents generally complain about the babies crying during night. Babies usually cry when they had bad dreams. Bad dreams make them cry and they are awake from sleep. A baby crying during night is very common.

The other reason apart from bad dreams can be the discomfort. When the babies do not feel comfortable due to the atmosphere or the physical conditions, they end up crying loudly. Atmospheric conditions like extreme hot or cold conditions do not suit the babies. When they feel cold and if they are not covered with blanket or any warm clothing, they feel uneasiness and discomfort. In extreme hot conditions babies cannot sleep peacefully.

In certain cases babies feel discomfort when they are not feeling well. Babies generally cry when they feel pain like stomach ache. Stomach ache is the common problem that makes the baby cries during night. In few cases they wake up during night if they are hungry.

While making the babies sleep you need to make sure the temperature of the room is moderate and not extremely cold or hot. In case if the babies continuously cry during night even after maintaining a moderate temperature, then consult the doctor. Consult the doctor when the pain is not reduced and if the baby is unable to sleep peacefully. Babies must be fed properly before sleeping. Hunger can also disturb the sleep of the baby.

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