Can Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Benefit From Exercise?

Published on August 11, 2016 by shiva

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. Regular exercise and meditation helps in maintaining a balance in your life and gives strength to your body. Exercise helps in treatment of many diseases directly or indirectly. Kidney disease patients can have beneficial effects with the help of exercise. Kidney disease cannot be prevented with exercise, but indirectly exercise helps in preventing it.

Exercise helps in controlling blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels. Obesity is one of the key factors that can lead to kidney diseases. Exercise helps in preventing obesity by keeping the weight under control. In initial stages of kidney diseases exercise is helpful and can speed up the treatment. In the later stages exercise is not possible. In the early stages exercise for 20-30minutes a day is helpful in preventing the kidney diseases. It is recommended to exercise for 150-180 minutes a week to prevent chronic diseases.

Moderate exercise is essential for every individual that helps in preventing severe chronic diseases. Being obese can increase risk of chronic and life threatening diseases like heart diseases. Exercise helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure in your body. It decreases the risk of diabetes in most of the patients. Exercise boosts your immune system to fight against many infectious diseases.

It is recommended to regularly exercise and meditate to have a healthy and balanced life. Along with exercise a healthy diet is also important for an individual to prevent the kidney diseases.

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