Can A Fibroadenoma Turn Into Cancer?

Published on August 26, 2016 by shiva

Fibro adenoma is nothing but a lump in the breast which is a benign lump which is a non-cancerous lump. Fibroadenoma occurs because of irregular hormonal influence on the breast especially causing clumping off the breast tissue in the localised area. Fibroadenoma keeps growing in size in the breast.

The fibroadenoma will never get converted into cancerous but if there are certain fibroadenomas which increase in size for more than 5 centimetres inside they are call giant fibroadenoma. Giant fibroadenoma can be little confusing and they need to be removed when they are more than 3 centimetres size. They need to be removed if they are painful or if it is located around the nipple and enlarge in size then they need to be removed. Otherwise they do not cause cancer but it is also known that when fibroadenoma is present in the breast it is associated with fibrocystic disease of the breast it is also called aberration normal development and involution.

So presence of fibrocystic disease is the also an indication that it could be one of the high risk factor for breast cancer in that particular breast. Thus this is the reason women with fibroadenoma definitely requires a regular screening for the breast. Women with fibroadenoma are more likely to have a higher risk of development of breast cancer, though fibroadenoma parse does not get converted into cancer.
In general women with or without fibroadenoma must go of regular screening to avoid the risk of fibroadenoma and breast cancer.

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