Can Blood Donation Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack?

Published on July 8, 2015 by HWC

The video talks about how cholesterol is related to increase the risk of heart attack. It is defined that the ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol should be taken into account instead of considering only cholesterol levels.

But, research has revealed that donating blood can reverse the risk of heart attack by almost 80%. Research showed that people who have donated blood at least once or twice a year have reduced the risk of getting heart attack by 75 %.

The simple reason for getting heart stroke is blood becoming too thick that it should be. If the blood is thick, then it breaks the walls at the branch point of the arteries in the heart. This leads to cardiovascular inflammation.

Giving birth can also be one of the reasons for reducing the risk of heart stroke because it helps to release of blood from the body. Even periods in women can help in releasing the body from the body once in a month. Whereas, in the case of men, there is no chance of releasing blood from the body so there is a high chance for the blood to become thicker. So, you need to cut the risk of cardiovascular inflammation. What you can do for this is to take care of the things that cut inflammation.

So, you can opt for blood donation to cut your risk of heart attack.

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