Best Ways to Lose Double Chin

Published on March 15, 2016 by HTC Team

Double chin is a rather common condition and bothersome thing which is a sign of having fat on the wrong places. There are many amazing ways to lose double chin and one of them is trying some Yoga poses.  One of the poses that you can try to lose double chin is usta-asana or camel pose which is backward bending pose. Another pose you can do is bridge asana which is again a backward bending pose and improves thyroid circulation as well. You can also try cobra asana.

In this you have to lie down on the stomach and then take your head and neck backwards.  You must also make dietary changes which don’t allow fat to accumulate around the chin area. Avoid sugar as much as possible and cut down on the alcohol content.  Also avoid saturated fats and oily foods and make sure you cut down on junk food items.

Engaging in all kinds of aerobic exercises like running and jogging can also help you get rid of the double chin condition.  You can consider taking facial massages as these help to shape your muscles and increase the blood circulation around the area of the chin.

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