Effective Tips to Avoid Caesarean and go for Normal Delivery

Published on December 3, 2015 by HTC Team

Today one in three women undergo caesarean delivery.  Dr. Pavitra explains tips and techniques that can help in avoiding c section and helps in giving a normal delivery. She is a certified Lamaze/ childbirth education instructor. Also, she is the founder of ‘Pampered Momz’, a complete pregnancy care centre in Hyderabad.

Childbirth education class is the first step towards normal delivery.  It reduces the chances of caesarean delivery by 50%. It gives advantage by teaching rightful care to be taken in pregnancy and in labour. During labour, one must avoid hospital beds and stay mobile as much as possible for increasing the chances of normal delivery. From your spouse, family, friends to doctor, everyone should be well aware of your child birth plans before you go into labour.

Develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. Dr. Pavitra suggests 40 minutes walk daily to ensure normal delivery. Find out the rates of caesarean procedures and if the hospital hesitates, it is a red flag. Avoid Induced labour as it increases the risk of c-section. Also, avoid unnecessary ultrasound, cervical exams or internal exams during labour. Every birth experience is special and unique in its own way so stay positive and enjoy a normal childbirth.

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