Apple Cider Vinegar: An Ancient Super Liquid

Published on December 8, 2015 by HTC Team

Did you know that something as easily available as apple cider vinegar has amazing health benefits which can help you maintain a healthy heart, keep your diabetes level in control, and even help you lose that bulge. This almost 2000 year old drink supports your liver, which plays an important part in breaking down of the cholesterols.

Apple cider vinegar adds enzymes and pro biotics in the simple apple juice, and make it into a healthy drink A recent medical research in a British journal shows that if a tea spoonful of this liquid is taken before the meal, it helps lower the cholesterol to a major level. Also it is shown to be a liquid that reduces ones blood sugar levels to a considerable extent.

Another great health benefit of the apple cider vinegar is that, it helps to improve your metabolism. An improved metabolic rate is known to help in weight reduction. Therefore people trying to lose weight can add this liquid in their diet for a better result. It also helps to balance your blood pressure. Hence, use a few couple of spoon on your salads, use them in bacon recipes, or add it in water and drink, and enjoy the health benefits.

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