Is Aluminium Foil Safe For Cooking and Packing?

Published on August 3, 2016 by shiva

Aluminium foil is being used by lot of people nowadays to cook and also to pack the food. But aluminium has the property of leaching wherein if you keep any hot substances in it. Then it can get slightly corroded and it enters into the food. So never use aluminium foil to store hot food. Don’t use aluminium foil to pack spices, tomatoes and certain acidic fruits like citrus fruits.

Lot of research has been done about this and they found that aluminium causes health problems. The bones are getting eroded; osteoporosis is one of the symptoms seen in people who are having aluminium toxicity. When the aluminium levels are high in the body, then the calcium starts getting reabsorbed into the bones and the blood calcium levels are found to be very high. So if you do a blood test, you find that the calcium levels are going very high.

Parathyroid gland in the throat region produces a substance called as parathyroid hormone that is supposed to control the calcium metabolism. When the calcium levels go high the parathyroid level hormone levels start reducing. In such cases bones becomes weaker and weaker.

The second study which has been done says that aluminium starts depositing into the brain and the nervous system causing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In the post-mortem studies, they found that aluminium is deposited into the nervous tissue in the brain. And also they have seen that aluminium can even affect the nervous system, leading to weakness of various organs. Constipation is one of the common symptoms seen in people with aluminium toxicity and in severe cases paralysis symptoms are also seen.

Homoeopathically we have seen that aluminium is one of the remedy which we have in homeopathic medicine too. Aluminium is used in dilute dosages in homeopathic medicines that can cure aluminium toxicity. Thus the same agent causing disease can be used as a cure for treating the same disease.

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