5 Common Mistakes we all do while Washing Face

Published on January 31, 2017 by shiva

Washing your face helps in removing dirt and other particles from your face and gives you a glowing soft skin. Cleanly washing your face is very important to maintain a fresh look throughout the day.
Common Mistakes while Washing Face
There are many mistakes you do either intentionally or unintentionally that can harm your facial skin. The common mistakes include:
1. Use of soap
The common mistake you do while washing your face is, making use of soap instead of face wash. Soap is generally considered as harsh on skin as it is alkaline in nature. Using soap will make your skin drier and flake more frequently. Face wash is comparatively much milder and nutrient face wash can nourish your skin better.
2. Don’t wash your face frequently
People with oily skin tend to wash their face more frequently when compared to people with a dry skin. People with acne also do the same mistake assuming that it will make their face look more dull and oily. You should wash your face only twice a day.
In case if you feel oily in the middle of the day, you can splash cold water on your face without using face wash or soap. Washing your face frequently will signal your brain that your skin is dry and your brain tends to secrete more oil.
3. Use cold water
While taking shower or regularly washing your face with hot water can harm your skin. Only cold water is preferred for your facial skin. Make use of either tap water or lukewarm water while washing your face with face wash.
4. Wash Properly
You must apply face wash all over your face and you can start from your chin and go upwards. Cover your complete face with facewash and use cold water to clean your face. After cleaning with water, tap dry your skin and then make use of a sunscreen lotion.
5. Scrubs
Scrubs generally exfoliate your skin and using scrub daily is not good for your skin. You must use scrub twice a week for oily skin and once for normal for dry skin. You can use facewash daily but not the face scrub.
Taking care of your facial skin is important to enhance your external appearance. You need to avoid the above mentioned 5 mistakes to have a healthy facial skin.


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