20 symptoms of Perimenopause

Published on January 31, 2017 by shiva

Perimenopause is a condition when your ovaries generally produce less estrogen. Perimenopause generally starts several years before menopause and usually seen in women in 40s. Perimenopause usually last until menopause and the point where your ovaries stop releasing eggs completely.
The average time period of perimenopause may range from 1-7 years whereas; in some women it may last only for few months.
Perimenopause Symptoms
The common symptoms of perimenopause include:
 Common Symptoms
1. Changes in menstrual cycle are one of the common symptoms seen during perimenopause. The menstrual cycle can either be prolonged or irregular and varies in every individual.
2. Excessive bleeding or periodic menstruation
3. Hot flushes
4. Recurrent urinary infection
5. Recurrent vaginal infection
6. Loss of sexual drive or libido
 Physical symptoms
7. Sudden weight gain
8. Hair loss
9. Pigmentation
10. Lipid profile fluctuation
11. High triglyceride levels
12. Low levels of good cholesterol
13. Lethargy
14. Back pain
15. Complete body pain
 Emotional symptoms
16. Anxiousness
17. Irritable or tensed nature
18. Restlessness
19. Mood swings
20. Depression
During peri menopause women has to go through a wide range of changes in their body which requires complete support from family and friends. Family need to support her during this period of peri menopause especially the spouse and children’s behavior play an important role. During this period a woman will start avoiding social gathering and isolate herself due to the internal changes that are taking place in her body.


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