How to Maintain Good Nutrition Level During Pregnancy?

Published on August 25, 2015 by HWC

What should I eat is the first question that every pregnant women asks a doctor. Food pyramid is the basic thing that should be followed by everyone irrespective of age. But the quantity may vary from person to person.

What is a Food Pyramid?

Base of a pyramid is formed by cereals such as rice, wheat, ragi, oats, and its products etc. Cereals should be 65 % of the total food, which implies 7-9 servings each day.

What to Eat?


In case of rice, brown rice is the best, followed by boiled rice. When it comes to wheat, you must choose whole Atta where fiber is not removed. Rava and mida’s have more carbohydrates and low fibers. When it comes to oats, it is better to have oats with little vegetablesb and dal. It is better to take these foods in the boiled form than fried form.

During pregnancy, these foods should be taken more frequently with different combinations.

Vegetables & Fruits

Lots of people keep telling take vegetables and fruits in large quantities. But you need to understand there are some vegetables and fruits which can be taken in plenty and at limited quantities.

Green veggies & leafy vegetables with fiber can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Examples are beans, clustered beans, etc.

Vegetables with little fiber and little more carbohydrates can also be taken. Potatoes and its group are rich in carbohydrates and less fiber. These foods should be taken in limited quantities and if the person is obese and diabetic, these vegetables should be avoided. Having salads everyday is a good option. Coconut can be taken in limited quantities.

Therefore, these are the few foods that you can take in prescribed quantities to get good nutrition during pregnancy.

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