What is Overdue Pregnancy and What are its Risks?

Published on December 22, 2015 by HTC Team

What exactly is the meaning of overdue pregnancy? It is generally believed that the duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks and anything more than that terms the pregnancy as an overdue pregnancy. However, the fact remains that 80% of all pregnancies are delivered either before, or after 40 weeks.

Even if a woman delivers after 5 weeks of her actual due date it should be considered normal. But sadly, this is not the case as the pressure on woman to deliver by the 40th week rises as the pregnancy matures. But one should wait until 42 weeks at least.

Many old research and study materials show that women giving birth after 42 weeks tend to give birth to still born. This is the reason why there is so much paranoia around this, and no one wishes to wait beyond that time. However, it is a very old study, and not necessarily is relevant for the modern age. Hence it is better not to create pressure on the would be mother, once she enters the 40th week of her pregnancy, and wait at least until the 42nd week, because in some cases delivery can take place even after 40th week.

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