Getting Rid of Acne Scars

Published on December 19, 2015 by HTC Team

Is there anyone who does not hate acne scars? We all wish that we have smooth skins without any marks, but acne scars ruin our dreams. How to get rid of these ugly scars? Dr Urmila Nishcal, Cosmetic Dermatologist suggests few ways for that. Firstly there are different types of scars, shallow scars, deep scars, ice pick scars, box scars etc, and the treatment should be done according to the nature of the scars. If the scars are very deep then interventional procedures might be helpful.

If the scar is attached to the skin and cannot be removed then the process that needs to be followed is called subcision which is done with a non hollow needle, which separates the scar from the skin manually. Usually, there are several types of scars and each need to be treated differently.

It is often helpful if a dermatologist combines various procedures, because a combined effort gives the best possible result in the cases of scar removal. Therefore one must not think that they have to stick to one specific modality while removing a scar. If the treatment is done according to their requirements, the ugly looking acne scars can be successfully removed.

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