Stay Away from these Foods and Beverages to Avoid Obesity

Published on December 16, 2015 by HTC Team

Currently, one health related problem intimidating almost the entire globe is obesity, a disorder that can lead to several other serious complications. One of the most common reasons behind obesity is eating high calorie food items.

Below given are few food items that you need to steer clear of, in order to avoid obesity. The first thing to avoid is foods containing too much sugar, like sweets, candies, carbonated drinks etc. The next item in the list is processed meat. Mrs Jayavani Shivkumar opines that there is too much salt in processed meat which is an identified reason for it being unhealthy.

It is a general misconception that fruit juices are healthy. On the contrary fruit juices, especially in which sugar is added, is detrimental for your health and should be ideally avoided. Fourthly, fast foods, high in fat contents like pizza, burgers, fries etc should be avoided at any cost. Fifth, foods that contain simple carbohydrates, like white flour or refined sugar are also agents causing obesity. The last food item in the list is desserts like pasties, ice creams etc that tend to cause obesity. Thus if you wish to avoid obesity you must stay away from these food items.

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