6 Food Items that Burn Fat

Published on December 13, 2015 by HTC Team

Losing weight in the present time has become a huge concern for most people. But what if eating a few food items lead to literally burning of calories? As per Mrs. Jayavani Shivakumar there are certain foods that have thermagenic effects, that is while you chew those foods, calories get burned because those food increases your metabolic rates, thereby helping you to lose weight, without starving.

Which food items are feature in this list? First the whole grain foods, high in fiber, such as brown rice, millets, etc comes within this category. Secondly, those foods which contain high quantity of protein are thermagenic foods, like fish, legumes, nuts etc which help in burning fat. Third in Mrs. Shivakuar’s list of thermagenic food are low fat dairy items, such as low fat yoghurt, low fat cheese etc.

Fourthly, green tea is also known for its fat reducing quality, since it does help increase the rate of metabolism temporarily. At number five of the list there are certain fruits such as papaya, apple, guava are known as foods important for fat loss. Finally vegetables like cucumber, cabbage, broccoli are also good for this purpose. Thus if you wish to reduce fat you should include these food items in your diet.

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