Top Yoga Postures for Mental Health

Published on December 11, 2015 by HTC Team

Yoga not only addresses all the fitness parameters but also plays an important role in keeping the mental well being. Yoga helps in restoring energy and combating stress. No equipments or large spaces are needed as yoga can be done anywhere by anyone at anytime. Few asana or yoga postures for mental health are as follows:

Cat Cow

This pose is done to relieve stiffness in the neck or back and helps to get energy. Get on all four on a mat. Keep your arms close to your head. Stretch your arms and legs widely. Inhale while arching your back and exhale while rounding the upper back. Repeat as many times and keep breathing as mentioned above.

Child’s Pose

Before exams or a meeting, this yoga pose can be done to ease the nervousness and maintain concentration. Sit on your knees bended in a way that your hips are closer to heels. Use a pillow for comfort. Slowly rock your forehead. Take deep breaths.

Legs up the Wall Pose

To improve your mood and elevate stress in a short time, this is a best pose. Lay on a mat near to the wall. Push your knees to your chest. Lift your legs upwards on a wall. Keep your hips as close as to the wall. Open your arms wide and take long relaxing breaths.

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