Working Procedure of Invisible Braces

Published on April 2, 2016 by HTC Team

Invisible braces are like every other metal or ceramic conventional braces. With them, orthodontists apply force on the teeth to bring out the movements of teeth in a gentle way. Similarly, with invisible braces, invisible aligners are used to apply force. The difference is, the patients can remove these at their own will while eating or brushing the teeth, and can put them back on for the rest of the time.

The aligners have different forces and they are planned in such a way that if the duration of treatment is 10 months, different sets of aligners are designed for every month. Each month the patient has to use two sets of aligners, i.e., one set of aligners for two weeks. After two weeks, the patient has to use the next aligner. A total of 20 sets of aligners is designed, for the duration of 10 months of treatment. Computer designs and plans the movement from of aligners from set 1 to set 20 in a designated way.

This is the working procedure and working system of invisible braces, which gives a patient the freedom of removing these braces during eating and brushing, at their own will. These have many pros and cons as well.

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