White Rice or Brown Rice: Which is Better?

Published on February 26, 2016 by HTC Team

The debate between white rice and brown rice is not too old. The point of contention is which one is better for human health. Here are some reasons which will encourage you to choose brown rice over its white counterpart.

  • According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, brown rice is a healthier option for consumption than white rice. This is so because white rice is basically the refined and processed version of brown rice. During processing, the nutritional value is stripped from the brown rice. Thus white rice is much less healthier than brown rice.
  • Brown rice contains a number of natural sources of minerals like calcium, fiber, thiamine, fiber and protein. In the process of making it into white rice, the outer layer is removed, which makes cooking the white rice easier. But with the barn, all the natural nutrients are also removed.
  • Also, as white rice is stripped of the natural nutrients, chemical fortification is added to the rice. Whereas brown rice is healthier, as it contains natural oxidants, and helps in weight loss, white rice is enriched with outside chemicals, and thus is bad for health.

As explained from above points, brown rice is more conducive to human health than white rice.

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