Best Ways to Balance your Weight

Published on August 21, 2015 by HWC

Balanced diet is required for an individual to support growth, energy and health. Eating right amount of food and eating a variety of foods are the two keys for a healthy balanced diet. To have a balanced diet, you must eat all kinds of foods that are present in the food pyramid.

Foods such as vegetables, dairy and cereals, fruits, pluses, sugar and fat are few that can assure healthy balanced weight. Then, comes the question in what proportions you need to consume these foods.

Vegetables, dairy and cereals contribute 27 % of balanced diet


Try to avoid creamy and deep fried foods. In order to cut down the fat in your meal, choose dishes that contain tomato based sauces, lots of greens (palak & lentils) and fiber rich foods.

Dairy products

It’s good to have a cup of yogurt with your meal. Yogurt ahs zero carbs, zero sugars and zero trans fats. Try to avoid basundi and shrikhand that are high in sugar and calorie content.


Replace white bread with whole wheat brown bread. This bread is high in fiber and vitamin B6. Foods rich in fiber makes you feel full and ensure that you don’t overeat.  And, replace white rice with brown rice. Having brown rice reduces the chances of diabetes. Have baked chivda and poha instead of having pakodas.


Pulses are the best foods you can have for weight loss with negligible fat content. Pluses are packed with protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. Dal, Rajma and channa are few pulses that form a part of our daily diet.


For non-vegetarians try to stick to white meat-chicken and fish. Don’t opt for red meals like lamb and beef because these are high in saturated fats and cholesterol.


Eat fiber rich foods like organs and apples. These foods help in digestion and clean your system. Replace desserts with fruits.

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